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Amatsutsumi Is a Visual Novel game.

Game Overview


Our hero, Makoto, possesses the power of “kotodama” which allows one to control people with the power of one’s voice. Having an interest in the outside world, he leaves the hidden village he has lived in all his life. However, he found himself woefully unprepared and collapses on the side of the road in a small town almost as remote as his village. Just as he’s resigned himself to death, he’s saved by Oribe Kokoro, a girl whose family runs a cafe in that town. Using his kotodama powers, Makoto becomes a part of the Oribe family and begins attending school with Kokoro. He…


Title: Amatsutsumi

Developer: Purple Software

Publisher: Sekai Project

Release Date: 8/1/2022

Genre: , Adventure, Visual Novel




Release Name: Amatsutsumi

Cracked by: P2P

Release Size: 4.24 GB





System Requirement


• System:
• Windows 7 and above
• Processor:
• Pentium 4 1.4 GHz and above
• Memory:
• 2 GB
• Graphics:
• 1280 x 960 supported graphics card
• DirectX:
• Version 9.0
• Storage:
• 4.2 GB


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