Anubis Dungeon

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Anubis Dungeon Is a casual game.

Game Overview


The judge of the kingdom of the dead is the guide of the dead to the afterlife, but what if the living cheated death? Then the god of the dead appears in the world of the living and kills the deceived. The aim of the game is to search for the insidious pharaoh who escaped death. Anubis will be able to cut enemies with a sword, or destroy them with spells, the strength of which will depend on the choice of talents. In the game you can hack enemies, use magic power, making a decision which is better to use the spell, in this or that situation..


Title: Anubis Dungeon

Developer: N/A

Publisher: N/A

Release Date: 7/13/2022

Genre: , Casual, Adventure




Release Name: Anubis Dungeon

Cracked by: P2P

Release Size: 47.50 MB





System Requirement

No Information Found


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