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Elven Blade – Among those conscripted to fight the demon hordes were the Elves. Nimble, noble and not suited for battle… with the exception of one… the brave beautiful…

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* MAR 9th 2018 – Updated to English Translated Version! [DLsite Official English Translation] * Story A nation destroyed by the ogre hordes… The Kingdom of Vorden was once called the land of the never setting sun… Throughout the ages, the history of Vorden has been accompanied by peculiar incidents… monster encounters and invasions. Vorden successfully fended off of the hordes, leading to glory and prosperity… and… was abysmal defeated by the hordes, leading to r*pe, plunder, and decimation… Vorden once was just a small fledgling nation, like many…


Title: Elven Blade

Developer: Elithheart

Publisher: Elithheart

Release Date: Mar/22/2017

Genre: Adult, Anime, Mature, Nudity, Visual Novel, Eroge




Release Name: Elven Blade

Cracked by: P2P

Release Size: 341.98 MB





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