The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED THE JOYLANCER: LEGENDARY MOTOR KNIGHT is a new breed of action game, combining ultra-technical action with a simple control scheme and an artstyle inspired by portable games of… Game Overview […]

Terrian Saga: KR-17-Unleashed

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Game Overview   In Terrian Saga: KR-17 players take control of a misfit military drone as it gains sentience and grows a conscious after being activated for war. Players will use an […]

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Supercharged Robot VULKAISER – 70s giant robot anime-inspired side-scrolling shooting from the creators of SATAZIUS and GIGANTIC ARMY! Game Overview   GO! GO! VULKAISER! Supercharged Robot VULKAISER is a 70s giant robot […]


OUTLAWS – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Oniken: Unstoppable Edition – When a global war nearly decimated humankind, an evil military organization called Oniken takes advantage of the situation to dominate and oppress… Game Overview   When […]


POSTMORTEM – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED NeXus: One Core – Use fusion. Avoid obstacles. Die. Try again. Game Overview   NeXus: One Core is fast. It is challenging. It will test your skills like only a […]

Insanity’s Blade v1.22

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Game Overview   Take a father’s journey to hell in order to save the souls of his wife and child. The ultimate old school trip to hell!! The Chronicles of Thurstan is […]

Hogs of War

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Hogs of War is a turn-based tactical warfare game. Take turns controlling members of your squad of hogs to engage in combat with the opposition based on World War 1. With 3D… […]

Hack, Slash, Loot

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Hack, Slash, Loot – A single-player turn-based dungeon crawler. Take control of a lone hero and explore sprawling dungeons, fight dangerous monsters. Game Overview   There are dark places in the world […]

Gunman Clive-ALiAS

ALiAS – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Gunman Clive – In the year of 18XX, the west is overrun by thugs and outlaws. A group of bandits have kidnapped Mayor Johnsons daughter and are spreading havok across […]

Freedom Fall

TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Freedom Fall is a diabolical down-scrolling platformer set in a prison tower so tall it touches the clouds. Presented with hand painted art, its old school vibe mixes with… Game Overview   […]